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Main Range Touring Conditions 17th Oct 2021

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Well alpinists there is currently plenty of joy left on the Main Range for Alpine Tourers, Splitboarders & Snowshoers alike with conditions set to be suitable until well into November.

The leeward faces & Glacial Cirques are still holding plenty of snow.

At 1830m the Charlotte Pass trail head which is not accessible in winter is now where we are launching our tours from with excellent access to the bigger peaks of the Main Range including Mt Townsend, Mt Northcote, Mt Lee, Muellers Pk & Carruthers Pk.

The glacial cirques of Blue Lk, Club Lk & Lk Albina which lie amongst these high alpine peaks afford excellent skiing/riding with stunning backdrops.

We toured to Carruther's Pk last Sunday 17thOct & it was fantastic. Check out the pics...I know right, a bit unbelievable!

A 750m walkdown to the Snowy River then a crossing of the Snowy River & Club Lk Ck & its onward to the high peaks. It was skis on all the way on the approach but expect there to be a bitof walking over the next few weeks as the flatter access areas burn off but rest assure the skiable faces will be holding snow for quite some time yet.

With another 200m of elevation above the resorts there is a lot of terrain between 1900m & 2200m which holds snow longer than the resort slopes.

These steep glacial cirques provide an excellent forum to practice Ski Mountaineering techniques & develop the skills needed to move around in this steep terrain including ice axe & crampon usage, dealing with the exposure of steeper terrain, descent strategies & transitioning in steep terrain

Contact us now through our BOOKING ONLINE page or call us on 0400 349 319 to book now to ski the best terrain in the Ozzy Alps.

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1 Comment

Adam Jetson
Adam Jetson
Oct 18, 2021

Wow, thats a beautiful picture - the snow covered mountain against the blue sky!

It stirs up my love for the Australian alps.

I am totally envious!

Now I need to check my budget to book a trip with you.

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