At SMBC HQ we have a rental fleet of Alpine Touring Skis, Climbing Skins & Snowshoes for hire & retail some needy backcountry essentials. Currently retail items are only available from HQ
Backcountry Retail Store

Conveniently located at the trail head for those essential purchases to supplement your kit or replace forgotten or broken items. skins, snowshoes, gas, maps, snow pegs, ay gear, dried food, dry sacks, water bottles & plenty more emergency & essential items.

Click here for a list of items available at SMBC HQ.

Backcountry Rental Store:
Alpine Touring Skis, Skins, Poles, Snowshoes, Shovels, Probes
  • We have a brand new fleet of K2 WAYBACK rental skis with a Paulownia Tour Lite core & reinforced with carbon overdrive they are the most confidence inspiring touring ski K2 have ever made. Built to tackle the descent as well as it effortlessly cruises the ascent.

  • Our skis are mounted with Marker FTour Alpine Touring bindings.

  • We use G3 Alpinist universal climbing skins & adjustable poles.

  • We also stock TUBBS snow shoes in our rental fleet.

  • Our backcountry ski set ups are used for our tour bookings. If they are not booked out we hire on a daily basis.

  • Hire charge for Alpine Touring Skis, Climbing Skins & adjustable poles

    • $110

    • $85 for tour participants

  • Consider the benefit that if hiring with SMBC not only are our skins in excellent condition, if a tour is cancelled you won't be stuck with an unnecessary hire cost.

Please contact us for further information on rental equipment.

Snowy Mountains Backcountry SMBC Store
Snowy Mountains Backcountry SMBC Store