Backcountry Skiing



Designed to introduce people to the backcountry, the emphasis of this tour is on developing introductory skills & techniques for safe, efficient mountain travel. 

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These are big days & demand adequate skills, fitness & endurance. The descents & ascents are steep & long! You will be taken by the grandeur of the steep & exposed breathtaking terrain of the Main Range.

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This tour is about laying down some backcountry turns building on the skills & experience learnt from the BC Intro tour & more focused on getting descents. 

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Ski Australia’s High Route with us along the Main Range passing through the nation’s highest mountains & climbing the three highest peaks; Mt Twynam, Mt Townsend, Mt Kosciuszko. 

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More challenging distances & climbs over a full days ski touring, for those who have prior experience in the backcountry. 

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We offer basic introductory tours through to advanced arduous tours. Your required fitness level will depend upon the level of tour undertaking but you should have at least a good level of fitness.

We recommend that each newcomer to backcountry skiing/boarding should initially undertake our Backcountry Intro Course unless you have prior experience in the backcountry or have a strong level of fitness & skiing/boarding skills.

If you hold a good level of fitness & skiing/boarding skills with no prior BC experience you may be okay for a lot of our tours as we can guide you through the usage of the BC equipment. If you have some familiarity with BC equipment but do not have an adequate level of fitness or skiing/boarding ability you may struggle on some of our advanced tours regardless of your prior experience. Your BC experience is important but your skiing/boarding ability & fitness level is more vital. When it comes to our TOUGH tours your BC experience becomes more relevant. These are big days where we need to make a lot of ground so being familiar & comfortable with the gear helps us to achieve our goals.

Although it is difficult to get it right all the time we do our best to match the group & this is where it is very important you are honest with your self appraisal so as not to jeopardise the group’s experience. It is rarely a problem but if it is plainly obvious you are struggling from the outset we will make other arrangements.

That doesn’t mean you can’t ski/board with us, our BC Intro Tour is the least demanding of all our tours and a great way for you to gauge your ability. We can also provide customised tours for groups or one on one tours but we will need advanced notice for this. For our TOUGH tours the Western Faces Experience & 3Pks High Route the guide to client ratio is 1:3, ideally these tours are best booked out by a single group.

Please see our FAQ’s page for many answers to your questions.