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Ladies BC Intro Clinic

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Dates: July Sat 18, August Sat 15, September Sat 12 2020

Book as a group of 5 & the 5th person is free on our 'Ladies Only' BC Intro Clinic, come along & learn the tools & techniques needed for backcountry skiing. A fun day out of bc tuition with like minded participants set in a comfortable learning environment. We'll teach you how to move safely & efficiently through the mountains building a platform for your next progression deeper into the BC. The learning starts at SMBC HQ in the Guthega Mountain Centre & the terrain we utilise is very nearby on Guthega Trig Ridge just across the Guthega Dam Wall. If you are an experienced group we can scale up the learning & terrain to suit your developmental needs.

Skiing Experience Required: You need to be able to link controlled turns off the groomed trails in a variety of snow conditions. The snow in the backcountry is not machine prepared.

Fitness: We can customise the physical demands to suit your group however a good level of fitness is required. There will be stopping & starting along the way as we transition from uphill to downhill mode & discuss tips & techniques.

Your Group: It is ideal but not essential to book with a group of similar ability to get the most out of your day

Equipment: Go to our Backcountry Intro TOUR PAGE & click the Equipment List at the bottom. You will require Ski or Splitboard touring equipment. We can provide Ski Touring equipment for course participants at a discounted rate (see below). Sorry we have no Splitboard rentals, talk to us about this.

Cost: Normally $250pp we are offering $200pp if you book a group of 5 which means the 5th person is free. We are also offering a discount on Ski Touring rental gear $65, normally $110.

Itinerary: Meet at SMBC HQ at Guthega at 8:00am for Safety Brief, Equipment Famil & Gear Shakedown. We will then move into the field & return about 3pm.

Other: For the answer to many of your questions go to our FAQ's page or contact us.

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