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Dr Ken Green back in the field

SMBC was honoured today to get a visit from long time friend & Internationally recognised Alpine Ecologist Dr Ken Green. It's great to see Ken back in the field after some time away doing what he loves, skiing & working on the Main Range. He truly knows the Main Range better than anyone having spent more nights in a tent on the range than at home for many years. Ken's knowledge & contributions to the alpine environment are giant! He has a Bachelor of Applied Science, a Phd in Zoology & produced over 150 peer-reviewed papers in not only Zoology but Botany, Glaciology, Soils & Geology, Hydrology, Lake Chemistry, Archaeology & Climate Change. Among many other points of note Ken has made seven trips to Antarctica & he was the Australasian and Zoologist representative on the “Global Mountain and Biodiversity Assessment” for 10 years.

Ken tells us that there is still a good cover of ice/snow of up to 1 meter over Blue Lk & assures us that it will be so for at least a coupe of weeks. However he warns it is soft around the edges & there is a slight melt at the inlet & outlet!

Great to see you Ken & fantastic to see you researching & skiing in the alps again!

Dr Ken Green visits SMBC

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