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Black Friday White Xmas Tour Vouchers

If you're looking for that perfect gift that will impress no end get an SMBC Backcountry Voucher for winter 2024 for that special person. Be it an intrepid adventurer, snow lover or someone looking to go beyond boundaries SMBC is offering you an opportrunity to solve your gifting dilemmas with a white XMAS gift that won't go unappreciated with a Skiing, Splitboarding or Snowshoeing backcountry adventure voucher!

SMBC is offering a Black Friday White XMAS special discount of 20 % off on 2023 prices on selected tours & rentals purchased on Black Friday 23rd until the end of November. With every voucher purchase comes a further 20% discount on MONT Adventure Equipment products.


Snowshoeing is a great way to gain a winter experience without having to master a new technique. It's just like bushwalking on the snow. It is said that if you can walk you can snow shoe, this is correct! You don't have to venture far to enjoy the remote beauty of the alpine wonder world winding through snow gums & granite outcrops.

Ski & Splitboarding

SMBC have a range of different ski & splitboard tours to suit a variety of skill levels, participants need to be at least a strong intermediate. SMBC are waiting to take you beyond boundaries on an unforgettable winter experince in the Australian Alps!

Group Tours Ski & Split

  • Bring along a group of 4 or 5 & receive a 20% discount. In a group of 5 one person comes along for free. Also receive a 20% off on tour & rental cost for each person.

Private Tours Ski & Split

  • 20% off tour cost & rental

Snowshoe Tours

  • 20% off Snowshoe group tours for Mt Kosciuszko Summit Tours

Refer to our website for further information on pricing

MONT Adventure Equipment Discount

As an added bonus all recipients of an SMBC Black Friday Voucher will receive a 20% discount on MONT items. MONT have been creating gear for the outdoors since 1981 & are the makers of high quality clothing & equipment that will bring you home safely in the wildest of conditions. This discount applies to MONT label items only & is available after the tour is completed. Check out their range at

To Purchase

For all voucher enquiries/purchases contact us at

or call 0400 349 319

Terms & Conditions

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