Snowshoeing Half Day

Difficulty: Least demanding

Duration: 3 hours

Fitness Level: Low - Moderate

Group Size: 2 - 10 people

Elevation: < 500m

Distance: < 5km

This is a relatively easy half day snowshoe tour through the snow gums in the more protected sub alpine area. You will immediately understand just how easy & enjoyable snowshoeing is with a free mind to appreciate the beautiful surrounds. Unsure if you are up for a full day tour? Start with a half day & see how you go. 

Guiding Topics

  • Equipment familiarisation

  • Snow shoeing techniques

  • Backcountry etiquette


Intended Location

  • Mt Wheatley, Perisher

  • Guthega area



Least demanding of all experiences, an adequate level of fitness is required. Distances less than 5km with very little climbing.


3 hours

Meeting Place

  • Perisher Ski Tube Terminal 9:00am

  • Guthega SMBC HQ 9:00a.m.


Experience Required

  • No previous experience required


Group Size

  • 1: 10 guide to client ratio

  • Minimum numbers apply


  • Snowshoes

  • Poles

  • Snowy Mountains Backcountry
  • Snowy Mountains Backcountry
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