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Snowy Mountains Backcountry SMBC

Difficulty: Tough

Snowy Mountains Backcountry SMBC

Skier Ability: Advanced

Snowy Mountains Backcountry SMBC

Duration: 4 days

Snowy Mountains Backcountry SMBC

Elevation: traverse


Backcountry Experience: Necessary

Snowy Mountains Backcountry SMBC

Fitness Level: High

Snowy Mountains Backcountry SMBC

Distance: 60km

Snowy Mountains Backcountry SMBC

Group Size: 1 - 4 people

Tour Dates

30 July - 2 August, 7 - 10 August, 30 August - 2 Sept, 6 - 9 September

The Jagungal Journey is a fast & light multi day ski tour into the remote areas of the Kosciuszko National Park, tour with SMBC for a unique experience from Guthega to Mt Jagungal. This beautiful peak is Kosciouszko National Park's northern most peak over 2000m & our most remote alpine peak. As much about the journey this very special ski traverse is about simplistic systems & efficiencies. Your equipment, gear, clothing & foods will be refined down to suit this traverse. 


The Jagungal Journey is a challenging and arduous fast & light multi day tour  that requires a high level of fitness, advanced skiing skills & backcountry experience. The guide will do all the cooking & carry group emergency gear. This is a demanding 60km four day tour with back to back 20km days including a rest day, you will be carrying a pack around 15kg!



The journey will be 60km over a maximum of 4 days including an extra “floating” day as a contingency day for rest &/or weather; to be implemented at the guide's discretion.

A pre trip brief will be carried out via an online meeting or in person.

Meet at Guthega at 5:30am on tour day for final brief & departure at 7am.

Day1: 20km. Guthega > Rolling Ground > Schlink's Pass > The Kerries > Mawsons Area

Day2: 20km.  Mawsons Area > Jagungal > Mawsons Area

Day3: 20km. Mawsons Area > The Kerries > Schlink’s Pass > Rolling Ground > Guthega

Day4: Floating contingency day for weather & rest.


On this tour we use a light scaled pattern base Alpine Touring ski. This ski traverse has a lot of rolling terrain that can be easily climbed with scales but we do take skins for steeper climbs &/or icier conditions. We can discuss bringing a Telemark/Cross Country type ski but it must be a full metal edged scale ski with a climbing skin back up & you must be able to make advanced proficient turns in all snow conditions! This would require you having a full plastic style boot like a Scott Excursion or Scarpa T4 type. NTN telemark bindings are not suitable for this tour.

Due to the style & remoteness of this multi day tour you will be required to have the correct clothing & equipment, this is non negotiable! MONT Adventure Equipment have kindly sponsored this tour with their excellent gear at no extra cost. If you wish to use your own gear it must be in line with our listings & deemed acceptable by the guide. There will be a final gear shakedown early on Day 1 at SMBC HQ. The guide has the final say on selection & suitability! We will discuss ski rental options further. 



All participants must be advanced skiers & experienced at backcountry skiing, this is a demanding tour with efficient progress required from the beginning to the end. If you are a good skier but haven’t ski toured before you will be required to undertake an SMBC Backcountry Intro Course. While there are descents to be had on this ski traverse it is unsuited to splitboarding.



Included in our price is state of the art MONT ADVENTURE EQUIPMENT gear:

  • Lightweight MONT shelters

  • Alpine rated MONT Spindrift Sleeping Bags

  • Mont backpacks

  • Exped sleeping mats

This is a great opportunity to field test equipment before purchasing. Purchases of any MONT Adventure Equipment items will be eligible for a 20% discount.


Please enter your interest in the Jagungal Journey through our contacts page. Once a deposit of $500 is received we will forward a thorough Equipment List.

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