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Starting in Guthega & finishing at Dead Horse Gap nearby Thredbo this 4 day thru walk follows a passage across the Main Range, you will pass through & over Australia's highest peaks & glacial lakes. The Main Range alpine region is the highest part of the Great Dividing Range affording unsurpassed vistas, it is a unique region home to Australia's true alpine terrain. 

This area has a rich & diverse natural & cultural history that we'll share with you throughout the journey.

This is an expedition style walk where you are required to carry a multiday pack, campsites are tents in the field. The key to multi-day walks is organisation & efficient systems, we'll undergo a full Gear Shakedown at SMBC HQ to get  you ready before starting out.

After completing this journey you will have an excellent understanding of what is required both gear & skills wise to move through the mountains safely & efficiently.



We allow 4 days to complete this 38km journey, depending on progress there are side journey possibilities. We meet at SMBC HQ at Guthega at 9am & spend the first couple of hours on Day1 prepping & briefing & we are out of the field by 1pm on Day 4 then shuttle back to SMBC HQ for shakedown & debrief.

It is recommended that you have weather contingency days built in to your schedule as a redundancy so that we can maximise weather opportunities.

As a guide the distances are as follows:

Day1: 7km 

Day2: 13km

Day3: 10km

Day4: 8km


Included in our price is state of the art MONT ADVENTURE EQUIPMENT gear:

  • Lightweight tents, covid safe 1 man or a 2 man share with a friend

  • Alpine rated Sleeping Bags

  • Mont backpacks

  • Exped sleeping mats



It is not required that you have hiking experience but this walk can be likened to a grade 4 walk which includes off trail, steep sections & is physically more demanding. A good level of fitness & stamina is required, you can expect to carry a pack of about 15kg containing all of your equipment & food for up to 13km in a day. The guide will carry all emergency & cooking equipment.

Click on the Equip List button below for a comprehensive list of

  • Necessary equipment

  • What you can buy at SMBC

  • What you can hire at SMBC

  • What SMBC includes

NOTE: any items required for your journey that are purchased from SMBC

will be discounted up to 20%!

Please click on the FAQ button below for the answers to many of your questions

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