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Spring Update 2023

Now with the Kosciuszko Rd open all the way the best access to skiing & riding is from Carlottes Pass. This trailhead gives the quickest access to the glacial Lakes Cirque's of Lk Albina, Club Lk & Blue Lk. The approaches are now long with mostly walking skis or boards & boots on pack & a pair of hikers. Expect to walk up to 3-4km on a trail that is partially snow covered. If headed to Lake Albina Cirque your approach will be off trail over a lot of open ground. Stick to the more durable surfaces like snow, snowgrass & granite avoiding the heath, wet areas & wind exposed feldmark ridge tops which are extremely fragile veg zones.

Know that the slopes around Club Lk & Blue Lk are particularly steep with Lk Albina offering longer but lesser angled terrain. Take particular care around Blue Lk as it has some very steep slopes & a large corniced section. The mainline in Carruthers is very south facing & can remain icy even in suprisingly positive temps! Take note of forecasted temperatures to consider your tour days & equipment selection. If venturing onto slopes over 30 degrees consider taking crampons & an ice axe. Pratice with these items on shorter faces with a good run out before embarking on a more serious ascent.

Don't underestimate the Snowy River Crossing, it can be deep, icy, cold. Be sure all of your items are secured well & beware of deeper swift waters & icy steeping stones. It's a good idea to carry a microfibre towel to dry your tootsies!

There are excellent snowshoeing/hiking opportunities currently over the Main Range. Undertaking all of the routes noted above can also be done with snowshoes. The inclusion of an ice axe to help prevent a fall & to self arrest is be advised.

We are still touring at SMBC so if you want to discuss a Ski Mountaineering Skills style tour ie with crampons & ice axe or a snowshoe hike contact us via our CONTACT PAGE.

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